Our Mission: Message from Leadership

Letter from the CEO

This is more than a report to us.

While it celebrates our progress, it also reflects the lessons we have learned and ultimately, the promises we must keep.

Thank you for your interest in this report on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I). Along with past reporting, this report outlines our commitments – and progress made – toward these important goals. Sharing this information is part of how we hold ourselves accountable. We believe in making progress, not just promises.

When your vision is to be the most sustainable energy company in America, accountability must reach beyond environmental impact. This is about our wider role in society. We want everyone – our employees, our customers, and those who live in the many communities we serve – to thrive, today and in the future. That is why we strive to lead on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

To succeed, we know we must attract, develop, and retain the best talent, casting a wide net to achieve the best result. Diversity is a strength. Diverse teams are more creative, thoughtful, and resilient. They also create better business outcomes. These are the attributes our customers and shareholders need us to have. This is our competitive advantage.

In this report, you will see our progress toward building a more diverse and inclusive workforce. We have been recognized as a national leader on this front. This is the result of a sharpened focus on these issues across the company: efforts grounded in our values, which call upon us to act with integrity and to pursue excellence as a team. We want a workplace that allows everyone to feel included, appreciated, and encouraged to grow. All have the right to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect.

This report is the story of our progress, but we know we do not live that story alone. Our communities must also thrive. It is an honor to be trusted to deliver critical energy reliably to families, businesses, and all who work to keep us safe and healthy. Listening enables us to know how to serve our customers best. We have learned to reach out extensively in communities when our work requires more collaboration. From turbines off the shore, to electric buses in our cities, to renewable natural gas from our farms, innovating together with communities is when we are at our best. That power of innovation, found in togetherness, is evident across this report.

As you explore the data, stories, and people, what we stand for should be clear. Whether you are a colleague, customer, or shareholder, I hope you will stand with me and the many allies of diversity, equity, and inclusion within the extended Dominion Energy family. Stand up and get involved. Stand up and help us make progress. Stand up and celebrate with us. Most of all, I hope this report inspires you to keep standing up for each other.

Thank you,

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