Our People

Developing & Retaining Talent

Once talented people have come through the door, we want them to stay, and to optimize their talents and abilities — for their own sake and for ours.

We’ve developed an extensive catalog of learning and development opportunities, along with avenues for employees to provide feedback so we know we’re on the right track.

It begins with listening to our employees by conducting a biannual engagement survey. Because actions speak louder, we listen and act: Feedback from our 2018 survey led to developments such as the Careers in Energy Diversity Student Conference, Spark Tank (an internal innovation contest), town halls where employees can interact with executives, open-registration classes and other self-directed learning opportunities, and much more.

To support our employees’ career goals, our career center offers coaching and other resources for employees who want guidance on professional advancement. Open-registration courses — both internal and through partners such as LinkedIn Learning — are available to all to help gain a deeper understanding of our industry, develop new skills, obtain certifications, and master leadership fundamentals.

Employee Spotlight

Virginian-Pilot profile of lineman trainee Noel Young

A Dominion Energy employee since 2016, Noel Young has put in long hours at times to restore power to customers after a storm. In 2020, the Virginian-Pilot profiled Noel as part of a series on essential workers.

“When we have accidents or outages,” they told the newspaper, “you pull up and you might have the pole deck on fire. There might be a car crashed against the pole. Typically, we’re able to get the car off the pole, but sometimes we have to stabilize the pole before we can get the car off. The first thing at every scene is to make sure the public and our employees are safe.”

For individuals with high potential, the company provides a graduated leadership program, starting with a self-guided aspiring-leader tutorial. Individual contributors who meet certain criteria can also apply for a six-month emerging leader program that provides them with the foundation they need to move into a leadership role. A new leader bootcamp provides first-time leaders with the skills they need to effectively head up teams. The “Developing the Dominion Energy Leader” program prepares high-potential managers for senior leadership roles and gives directors additional training to cultivate an inclusive culture.

We encourage leaders to mentor aspiring employees who are looking for career advancement in the company. For example, the African American Resource Group has teamed up with the company’s Learning and Development department and McKinsey & Company to offer, at no charge due to McKinsey’s generosity, the Black Leadership Academy, a dedicated McKinsey Academy program. As candidates progress through the program, it presents an opportunity for senior leaders to engage and support the cohorts’ learning with guidance on how to apply leadership fundamentals.

Employee Spotlight

Tin Htut Myint, Engineer and Innovation Guide – Power Delivery

Tin Htut Myint came to the United States from Myanmar after his family won spots in the Diversity Visa Lottery. They were among 55,000 winners out of tens of millions of entries. Although they arrived with limited English and cash, the Myint family worked hard, and Tin was accepted into the engineering program at Virginia Commonwealth University and now serves on the school’s alumni board. At Dominion Energy, he works as an engineer and an innovation guide, helping colleagues develop creative ideas into plans that can move the business forward. He also co-founded the Asian Pacific Islander ERG. “For me, as an Asian American Pacific Islander, I feel part of a global citizenship that is contributing a different perspective,” says Tin. “We’re all human; we just bring a unique point of view that gives a different color to the rainbow.”


Paychecks matter. Employees expect — and fairness dictates — similar pay for similar work. The company regularly conducts both qualitative and quantitative analyses of pay equity based on gender and race/ethnicity for current employees.

When determining the salary to offer to employees being hired, internally transferred, or promoted, the company reviews pay equity based on knowledge, skills, education, and experience to ensure compensation aligns with that of incumbents in the same job title.

We also conduct equity reviews in connection with mergers and acquisitions, along with more involved reviews after the integration of the merged or acquired company is complete. The company uses both qualitative reviews and quantitative tools, such as regression analyses, in its pay equity assessments.

Finally, benefits make up an important part of any employee’s compensation package. We provide a competitive suite of offerings, including insurance for medical, vision, and dental care, as well as disability or death. Parental leave and flexible work schedules — made more flexible still in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic — enhance the value proposition. When the pandemic struck, we offered additional paid leave, free telemedicine, extended leave without pay with the ability to retain health coverage, and other benefits.


Benefit changes

We have added numerous benefits to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as promote retention. These include covering gender reassignment surgery and bariatric surgery; autism therapy for dependent children; expanded free therapy sessions through our Employee Assistance Program to employees and their household members; a retiree medical deferral option; and the extension of 401(k) plan eligibility to all part-time workers. Finally, the company established an Employee Relief Fund through which employees and Dominion Energy can provide financial assistance to those facing hardship due to the pandemic or a number of other challenges.