Our Communities

Supporting Diverse Communities

Serving the places we live and work is about more than just delivering energy.

We are committed to supporting and respecting all communities within our service areas – whether those communities are distinguished by geography, economics, race/ethnicity, or some other attribute.

Commitment to Support Diverse Communities

Dominion Energy’s vision is to become the most sustainable energy company in the country. We firmly believe meaningful sustainability must be inclusive: “Sustainability for some” is an oxymoron. Just as we have a statutory obligation to provide energy to everyone in the areas we serve, we have an ethical obligation to support and respect all corresponding communities — whether those communities are distinguished by geography, economics, race/ethnicity, or some other attribute.

One of our longest-standing efforts is Strong Men and Strong Women. In partnership with the Library of Virginia, we annually honor prominent African Americans, past and present, who have made noteworthy and admirable contributions to Virginia, the nation, and their professions. The program, which we have begun expanding into South Carolina, is now in its fourth decade.


Helping Others

When Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, 80 Dominion Energy employees volunteered to spend four weeks or more on the island helping restore vital electric service.

Helping others is a part of our company’s core value of ethics. It's also an integral part of our culture as a public-service company, and a steady drumbeat throughout our history. In a typical year, our colleagues contribute more than 100,000 hours volunteering in the communities we serve.

Sometimes, we feel called to go even further. When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in 2017, Dominion Energy attorney Teirra Everette began recruiting coworkers to provide pro bono counsel to those affected by the storm. “She put an amazing amount of work into this,” said a colleague. “She sat down in the office of everyone in the floor.” Lawyers across our footprint agreed to help.

The following year, when Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, 80 Dominion Energy employees volunteered to spend four weeks or more on the island helping restore vital electric service. Joel Rivera left behind a wife and three children — one of them still teething — so he could help. Melissa “Missy” Collins said the chance to help as a runner delivering material to field crews was “an incredible opportunity.”

Company Giving

Dominion Energy contributes financially to community well-being through direct corporate giving, energy-assistance programs, and through the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation.

Our corporate giving, which is underwritten by investors rather than ratepayers, provides financial support across our service area for organizations that lift people up through education, housing assistance, medical care, and other means. The company also supports The Dominion Energy Charity Classic, an annual PGA TOUR Champions golf tournament, which has raised more than $5 million for charitable causes, with nonprofits serving veterans receiving much of the donations.

In 2020, we launched a two-year, $5 million Social Justice and Community Rebuilding Grants initiative to help address the fundamental causes of systemic racism. Recipients include My Brother’s Keeper in North Carolina and Urban League affiliate offices in Hampton Roads, Virginia; Cleveland, Ohio; Charleston, South Carolina; and Columbia, South Carolina. The company also launched the HBCU PromiseSM – a six-year commitment of $25 million to support HBCUs and $10 million to provide scholarships to students from underrepresented communities.


Sankofa Farms

A few miles outside of Durham, North Carolina, Sankofa Farms and its CEO, Kamal Bell, are transforming both lives and agriculture. Established as a sustainable food source for minorities in both rural and urban areas, the farm is reintroducing young people to agriculture. Thanks to a $10,000 grant from My Brother’s Keeper of Durham — which focuses on building a system of support and services that improves the lives of Black men and boys, and itself the recipient of a $100,000 social-justice grant from Dominion Energy — Sankofa Farms was able to create the Sankofa Center for Agricultural Education, furthering the farm’s mission of expanding young people’s understanding of Black agricultural heritage in America.

The Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation makes grants to a wide range of organizations that meet human needs, foster environmental stewardship, promote education, and build community vitality. In 2020, including $2 million from our social-justice grants commitment, we contributed more than $4.2 million to organizations that directly support DE&I. Other Recipients include:

  • Esperanza, Inc., of Cleveland, Ohio, which helps close the achievement gap among Hispanic students;
  • The Trident Literacy Association’s education and workforce development programs in South Carolina, which strive to reverse the cycle of generational illiteracy and poverty through professional instruction;
  • The Virginia Asian Foundation, through which we have helped small, Asian-owned businesses overcome obstacles created by the COVID-19 pandemic;
  • The Wasatch Adaptive Sports’ Ski & Snowboard Program in Utah, which encourages persons with adaptive needs to stay physically active; and
  • The LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland’s Queer Youth Initiative, which supports young people’s emotional, mental, social, and academic needs.
Wasatch Adaptive Sports’ Ski & Snowboard Program in Utah, which encourages persons with adaptive needs to stay physically active

Equity in Higher Education

In 2020, we launched a six-year, $25 million commitment to support Historically Black Colleges and Universities and a $10 million scholarship fund for students from underrepresented minority communities. The $25 million HBCU PromiseSM and $10 million Dominion Energy Educational Equity Scholarship Program followed another 2020 commitment: a two-year $5 million Social Justice Grants and Community Rebuilding initiative to support projects and programs that address the fundamental causes of systemic racism.

“Benedict College is immensely grateful to Dominion Energy for its leadership, generosity, and commitment to HBCUs. Their long-term investment is providing the college with essential resources to ensure our students [have] access to the most innovative technology that will help prepare them to become leaders in the area of science, technology, engineering, math, and business.”

Dr. Roslyn Clark Artis President and CEO of Benedict College