Our People

Culture of Inclusion

We’re committed to taking good care of what we value most: our people.

We want everyone to feel comfortable bringing their whole, authentic selves to work so they can stretch their talents and abilities and grow into their full potential.

Promoting Inclusion

Dominion Energy’s strategy takes a multi-faceted approach to build a stronger DE&I culture at every level of the company. That begins with an Executive Diversity Council established in the early 2000s. Members appointed by the CEO set DE&I strategy and objectives; establish and review company-wide diversity programs, policies, and initiatives; monitor company performance; and serve as Executive Sponsors for Diversity Councils and ERGs. Diversity councils at the business-unit level review alignment with the corporate DE&I strategy and advise and make recommendations to enhance the company’s efforts.

The company’s Board of Directors oversees all these efforts, and its Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee and Compensation, Talent and Development Committee provide additional scrutiny to ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts align with overall strategy.

In 2015, we started forming ERGs for employees who shared demographic similarities or other affinities. The ERGs maintain a strategic focus on four key areas:

  1. Employees, through talent development, leadership training, networking opportunities, mentoring, and skill enhancement;
  2. Communities, through engagement with underrepresented communities, partnership with the Dominion Energy Charitable Foundation, and volunteer outreach efforts;
  3. Business, through liaison efforts between the company’s business segments, innovation group, and ERG members; and
  4. Recruiting, through partnership with Human Resources to support strategic talent acquisition efforts.

Every ERG is open to all employees. The groups work to improve DE&I within the company; encourage employee professional development, education, and networking; engage with communities in partnership with our charitable foundation and volunteers; and conduct recruiting and outreach in underrepresented communities. In the process, they improve employee engagement and raise awareness of potential barriers to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace. In recent years the ERGs have led company initiatives such as a series of “Candid Conversations” on race, equity, and social justice; a “parenting during a pandemic” learning event; a Virtual Spanish 101 series; and training on How to Be an Ally 101 for the LGBTQ+ community, among others.

To raise our performance even further, we incorporated DE&I goals in our Annual Incentive Plan, or AIP, for both leaders and individual contributors. In recent years, the DE&I requirement for the AIP has included sexual-harassment training, leader-led training on discrimination in the workplace, supplier-diversity goals, and unconscious-bias training. Since we established the DE&I AIP goal in 2015, at least 95% of leaders and employees have completed it each year.

Employee Spotlight

Latoya Asia, Le-Ha Anderson and Maria Pia Tamburri

Latoya Asia - Director, Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning
Le-Ha Anderson - Director, Learning Development and Communications
Maria Pia Tamburri - Director, Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Engagement

Latoya Asia (Director of Talent Acquisition and Workforce Planning), Le-Ha Anderson (Director of Learning and Development), and Maria Pia Tamburri (Director of Diversity & Inclusion and Employee Engagement) are just three of many women enriching the employee experience. They are members of the African American, Asian, and Hispanic communities, respectively, and are bringing those perspectives to the workplace every day. They are on the front lines of building and executing strategy for engaging the next generation of our workforce, while promoting equitable actions for the benefit of employees, customers, and communities alike.

Furthermore, the company distributes an annual ethics and compliance survey. Employees are asked to disclose whether they are aware of any possible legal violations, including violations of anti-discrimination laws. All allegations of discrimination are investigated to determine whether violations occurred, and how any violations should be addressed.

Finally, we take other steps to foster DE&I, such as reviewing personnel policies to ensure gender-neutral language; encouraging engagement with DE&I through town halls, podcasts, and team meetings; and looking for other opportunities to proactively and creatively promote DE&I.

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