Our Communities


Our more than 17,000 employees generously give their time and energy to a multitude of volunteer projects throughout the year.

In 2020, despite the high hurdles brought by the pandemic, our employees volunteered 61,000 hours.

Our core value of Ethics guides us: Helping others is not just one part of doing the right thing. It is an integral part of our culture as a company whose utilities perform a vital public service — one reinforced by our long history of supporting our communities. The company encourages employees to serve on non-profit boards and lead volunteer activities. Each year, the company sponsors one day of paid volunteer time off for each nonunion employee and encourages participation in company-sponsored volunteer events, which contributes to our overall volunteerism goal.

Employees also seek out opportunities to serve on their own. Employees in Action is a grassroots effort driven by Dominion Energy volunteers across the many states and communities the company serves. Each year, hundreds of employee volunteers put their talent, time, and efforts into improving their hometowns during a year-long project blitz. Local employee volunteers work with local organizations on projects to improve parks, schools, shelters, and other community resources.

The Dominion Energy Benjamin J. Lambert, III, Volunteer of the Year Awards program was established to recognize Dominion Energy employees and retirees for their individual efforts to improve the communities in which they live. Nominees represent the best in volunteerism excellence and commitment to improving their communities.

In 2020, despite the high hurdles brought by the pandemic, our employees volunteered 61,000 hours. Among other things, they sewed face masks in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic (including customized masks for the hard of hearing) and planted trees in a neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah. Efforts such as collecting food for the hungry, landscaping elementary school grounds, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, and tutoring or mentoring school children are some of the many other ways our employees strive to be helpful.


Akron Zoo Backpack Adventure

For more than a decade, Dominion Energy has been a premier sponsor of this event, which invites all Akron Public School elementary students and their families or guardians to the Akron Zoo for free admission and free school supplies for the upcoming academic year. Akron METRO offered free ridership to individuals traveling to the event, and school buses are made available for non-English speakers to access the zoo.

This collaborative event brings together local companies, corporations, and a host of volunteers. The goal is to ensure that Akron elementary-school pupils enter the new year with the school supplies they need to succeed. Dominion Energy coordinates at least 20 volunteers per day to pass out backpacks and school supplies in accordance with public health guidance.


No-Sew Blankets

During the height of the pandemic, more than 500 employees rallied to make blankets from the safety of their homes to donate to vulnerable community members throughout our service areas. Community partners in Ohio, South Carolina, Virginia, and Utah serving the elderly, the unhoused, veterans, children, and animals received 800 blankets to bring comfort and warmth to their clients.

Suneetha Guntupalli was one of dozens of volunteers who created no-sew blankets in 2020.

Winter Hygiene Kits

Employees in North Carolina, Virginia, and Utah assembled and donated 250 winter hygiene kits to community partners helping the unhoused population throughout their communities. The kits contained winter hats, gloves, socks, hand warmers, hand sanitizer, and other items to help recipients during colder months.