Our People


A workforce that represents the communities we serve is essential both to our company and to those communities.

In recent years, strategic focus has made recruitment in diverse populations more abundant, yet the war for talent has made the market more competitive than ever.

Attracting Talent

We use a variety of methods to attract candidates from diverse populations, such as:

  • Diversity Recruitment and Workforce Development. We support and source talent through minority- and women-focused organizations and attend their events – such as the Black Engineer of the Year STEM Conference and the national conferences of the National Society of Black Engineers, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, and the Society of Women Engineers. We’ve teamed up with the Columbia Urban League in South Carolina, sponsored the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Summer Engineering Experience for Kids (SEEK) program in Richmond, Virginia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Columbia, South Carolina; and Cleveland, Ohio and supported community events such as the Metropolitan Business League’s Remarkable Girls Luncheon in Virginia to cultivate a greater awareness of potential careers in energy for the next generation of our workforce.
  • DiverseAbility Employment Initiative. We seek to increase our employment of individuals with disabilities. In Richmond, we are working with the Rehabilitation Research and Training Center at Virginia Commonwealth University to match our talent needs with the skills of individuals with disabilities. Since the program’s inception, the company has hired seven interns and converted two to employee status.
  • Military recruitment. Those who serve their country have held a special place at Dominion Energy since employees put together care packages for soldiers in WWI. Members of the armed forces are disciplined, agile, and mission-focused. Thanks to the military’s strong record on diversity and inclusion, veterans work and lead well in diverse groups, thereby setting a high standard for their colleagues to follow. Our company’s recruitment of, and benefits for, members of the armed forces routinely win recognition from national organizations — and while we don’t do any of it to earn kudos, we are grateful for the validation of our efforts. Roughly one in five new hires at our company is a veteran.
Employee Spotlight

Gloria Bull, Renewable Energy Project Manager – Merchant Operations Support

Gloria Bull got a taste of military life through the ROTC program at the University of South Florida. While on active duty in the Air Force, she went to war in Saudi Arabia as part of Operation Desert Storm handling logistics. “When people look at me, they can’t believe the things I’ve experienced,” she says. “I’ve had bombs come at my head. I’ve had to run for my life. I value life as a gift every day. I don’t take one day for granted.” She joined Dominion Energy as an electrical engineer in 2008 before moving on to manage renewable-energy projects in Operations. She was part of the original group of women who started the We3 ERG and is a member of the company’s seven other ERGs, as well. When it comes to DE&I “the company is making great strides,” she says. “I still feel that we have work to do, but we’re going in the right direction and we’re putting the right things in place.”

Employee Spotlight

Jeremy Stout, Operations Services Consultant – System Operations Center

Jeremy Stout spent more than a decade serving his country as a Marine, specializing in the communications electronics his brothers and sisters in arms needed to carry out their missions. Today he works in systems operations, helping Dominion Energy’s transmission operators maintain grid reliability. As chair of the Veterans Resource Group, he takes pleasure in connecting people to the resources they need. He sees “a pervasive lack of empathy” as the root of many of today’s problems, and views DE&I as a journey in which we “acknowledge that we have work to do as a society, analyze the present, and purposefully chart a course for a better future.” His company is on a journey, too: “Since I started working here, I have observed the organization’s willingness to continually refine its policies and attach resources to efforts that were previously only policy.”

Employee Spotlight

Women in Leadership

Diane Leopold - Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Carter Reid - Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff and President-Dominion Energy Services
Charlene Whitfield - Senior Vice President-Power Delivery
Katheryn Curtis - Senior Vice President-Generation
Corynne Arnett - Senior Vice President-Regulatory Affairs and Customer Experience
Michele Cardiff - Senior Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer

While the energy industry is still a male-dominated industry, we have a long track record of female leaders at our company, and we continue to improve. The percentage of women is increasing at Dominion Energy, at the individual-contributor level up to senior leadership positions across the company. Diane Leopold (Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer) and Carter Reid (Executive Vice President, Chief of Staff and President-Dominion Energy Services) oversee nearly every aspect of company operations. Corynne Arnett (Senior Vice President-Regulatory Affairs and Customer Experience) and Michele Cardiff (Senior Vice President, Controller and Chief Accounting Officer) provide leadership over some of our most critical corporate functions. And Charlene Whitfield (Senior Vice President-Power Delivery) and Katheryn Curtis (Senior Vice President-Generation) together provide senior executive operational leadership in our Dominion Energy Virginia business segment. These are just a few examples of female leaders at Dominion Energy.

  • Internship program. Interns provide a rich supply of long-term, diverse talent for our company: In 2020, roughly half of our intern cohort represented a minority community. We have provided diversity scholarships to 255 interns since 2016. Historically, we offer full-time employment upon graduation to about three out of four interning seniors. In 2020, we offered full-time jobs to 95 of our 2020 senior student employees — more than 75%. Ninety of them accepted our offer, and 68% were women or minorities.
Employee Spotlight

Lauren Lopez, Supervisor - Nuclear Engineering

As a woman in nuclear engineering, North Anna Power Station projects supervisor Lauren Lopez knows she is carrying a lot on her shoulders besides the electricity needs of hundreds of thousands of customers. But her 15 years at the company have armed her with the knowledge and skills needed to bear the weight. Besides, she says, her gender is an asset: “Women are really able to handle so many things on our plate at once and be really good multitaskers.” It helps that her company is so supportive. “Dominion Energy has really invested in seeking out a diverse workforce,” Lauren adds. “I’ve had male management approach me directly and say, ‘what do we need to do to get women in our department and how do we retain them?’”

  • Careers in Energy Diversity Student Conference. In 2019, we launched an annual event to attract potential recruits from diverse populations. In each of its first two years, 125 students from 26 states or territories, representing more than 70 colleges or universities and more than 50 majors, attended. For both 2019 and 2020, following a competitive process we offered jobs to more than 70% of the attendees, and more than 80% of the offers were accepted.

Careers in Energy Diversity Student Conference

Not even a global pandemic could stop us from hosting our Careers in Energy Diversity Student Conference in 2020. While the event was virtual, the results were concrete: Following a competitive process, we offered 2021 internships to 89 attendees, and 72 of them accepted. Results like these prove what our Dominion Energy motto says: Actions Speak Louder.