Our Journey


How we got here.

These are the moments that have marked our progress and that guide our direction as we move forward.

Moments that guided our direction

Dominion Energy’s culture of diversity and inclusion goes back many years. While structural elements have evolved, our beliefs have remained steadfast. As we put it in our 2010-2011 Citizenship & Sustainability report, “We value diversity and inclusion as a strategic asset and an important expression of our core values. We think it is vital to our future as a sustainable business enterprise.”

At each step along our journey, we've reaffirmed those values and — equally important — put them into action. From the formation of our Executive Diversity Council nearly two decades ago to the inclusion of a DE&I training goal in our annual compensation plan to the release of this report, we constantly look for ways to do better today than we did yesterday.

“We know that actions speak louder. We’ve raised our diverse hiring rate from 28 percent in 2013 to nearly 50 percent in 2020. And we have set goals to increase diverse representation within our workforce, which brings into consideration our on-going ability to retain talent.”

Darius Johnson Vice President - Employee Engagement and Development